Souvenir Spoon Books

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Souvenir Spoon Books

Essential Resources for a Spoon Collector

0005-James, George B. Souvenir Spoons. Containing Description and Illustrations of the Principal Designs Produced in the United States. (Boston, Mass.: A.W. Fuller & Co., 1891). Soft cover. Reprinted in 1956.  Cost: $25.00

    The introduction states: In the following pages care has been taken to give a description of the spoon, represented by a short account of the legend which supports the design, as well as a short biography of the individual, and a summary of the history of the town or locality. As far as it has been possible, the price of the different pieces has been given. This it not by any means a complete list of the spoons of the country, but comprises some of the principal ones. It is hoped that this edition may meet with such success that the compiler may be emboldened to print another which will give a more complete list of the new spoons.

0006-Boyd, Bill. Souvenir Spoon Price Guide for Souvenir Spoon by George B. James (First published in 18981). (12 pages). Cost: $2.00

0007-Rainwater, Dorothy T. and Donna H. Felger. American Spoons: Souvenir and Historical. (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.: West Chester, PA., 1990). ISBN: 0-88740-266-6. Cost: $20.00

   From the dust jacket: The spoons whose stories are told in this volume range from a diamond encrusted one-of-a-kind spoons given by a group of diamond cutters to the silver plated promotional items used to sell newspapers and breakfast cereals. Perhaps the first spoons used by man were simply shells picked up on the beaches, or chips of wood called spon from which our word spoon is derived. American spoons as commemorative items (according to Rainwater and Felger) began with the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Spoon patented by Myron H. Kinsley in 1881. Within a few years of the popularity of commemorative spoons quickly spread as ideal mementoes for practically every conceivable event, personage, or natural wonder.

    George and Martha Washington were the first people of note to appear on American spoons when their designs were trademarked by the Galt Company in 1890, but the spoons generally credited with launching the souvenir spoon craze were the Salem Witch spoons whose trademark was registered January 13, 1891 by the Daniel Low Company and used on countless small sterling silver articles.

    These trademarked designs were followed by others but the greatest number of designs were patented. It is these patented designs which form the basis for this volume. They commemorate famous people, tell of the winning of the West, the days of the Forty Niners, world fairs, sports, holidays, commercial ventures and much more. The text is visually enhanced by more than 800 illustrations; eight full-color plates and about sixty pages reproduced from old trade catalogs.

    American Spoons can be read as a book of history as well as an account of the many types of spoons made to suit the varied needs and whims of mankind. A unique feature of this volume is the section of biographical notes – brief sketches of silver designers and the companies for whom they worked.

    This book is indispensable for any souvenir spoon collector.

0008-Rainwater, Dorothy T. and Donna H. Felger. A Collector's Guide to Spoons Around the World. (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.: West Chester, PA., 1992). ISBN: 0-88740-425-1. Hard cover with dust jacket. Cost: $20.00

    Thousands of practical and specialized spoons from all parts of the world are described here. Besides hundreds of clear photographs with captions and extensive text, old manufacturers' catalog pages are included, documenting the makers, dates, names and styles of special spoons so that identification is possible. The 16-page color section presents spoons with colored enamel decoration, gold bowls, and intricate detail, which make a lively display. The extensive bibliography and index will aid serious researchers, and spoon collectors, dealers, and appraisers will find this an essential reference to replace all others. Over 1,000 souvenir spoons illustrated.  A price guide is included. If you are interested in learning more about Souvenir Spoons, this is a great book to have in your library. This book is extremely useful for any souvenir spoon collector who collects souvenir spoons from around the world. Also includes a section on Canadian and American souvenir spoons. This book is invaluable for any souvenir spoon collector.

0009-Stutzenberger, Albert. American Historical Spoons. The American Story in Spoons. (Rutland, Vermont: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1971). ISBN: 08048-0903-8. Hard cover with dust jacket. Cost: $30.00.

Book Description:

Not many people are so fortunate as to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but many, and especially those included to take their history in small doses, may read and relish American Historical Spoons.

This is fascinating reading from the first sip to the last tasty dip. For instance, souvenir spoons portray graphic and gripping episodes in the stirring General Washington story. The first of three spoons in this group, the Washington Hatchet spoon, is replete with historic spoons. The Capitol building is shown in the bowl; on the handle shank is that famous hatchet; the nave contains small views of the family burial vault and mansion at Mount Vernon. On the reverse side, honest little George is seen shopping away at the cherry tree.

In the n=bowl of the Washington Tomb spoon is a path leading to the entrance to a mausoleum, the door of which is barred by an iron gate. The Washington Bust is a fine example of the craftsmanship of the early nineties, The lines are colonial in effect, soft, dignified, chaste, with gently shaped roundoings.

Here is the American spoon at the apogee of its glory, in that era when American silversmith were employing all their ingenuity in the creation of lovely pieces of art — souvenirs bringing before the American people visual representations of the precious heritage that was theirs by birthright or adoption.

The subjects of these choice pieces of sterling Americana are as varied as America itself: Captain John Smith and Pocahontas; Salem Witches; Paul Revere's Ride; Fort Pitt; Davy Crockett; the Fore Dearborn Massacre; Osceola, the famous Seminole chief; Patrick Henry; the Gettysburg Battlefield; Rip Van Winkle; Pike's Peak; the Brooklyn Bridge; Early Miami; Saratoga Springs; Historical Savannah; the Grand Canyon; Century of Progress; Minnesota Pioneers; New Mexico Indians — a silver service almost as wide as the continent.

The essential viewpoint  espoused by the author is that every American souvenir spoon is a "talking" spoon and a  has a story behind it, one worth telling and certainly worth knowing,

Here is a golden opportunity for collectors, connoisseurs=, and historian to cash in on this rich silver mine of information — a genuine gem superior to any other book of its kind, replete with more than 200 superior illustrations, As an extra service , the author includes "A Historical Sketch of the Spoon Through the Ages." The original title of this appealing and flavorsome dish of Americana was The American Story in Spoons.