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h-0008. Heimbach, Elizabeth. Victims of Vesuvius. [95 pages]. Cost: $10.00

This 95 page resource includes the following chapters on Pompeii:

Chapter 1. The Letters of Pliny; The Three R's in Pompeii.

Chapter 2. Son of Fronto; Growing Up in Pompeii

Chapter 3. Salvius' Thermopolium; Eating and Drinking in Pompeii

Chapter 4. The Friends of Paris Fan Club; Entertainment in Pompeii

Chapter 5. Jucundus the Baker; Making a Living in Pompeii

Chapter 6. Be It Ever So Humble; The House of the Vettii

Chapter 7. Marcus Holconius Rufus — Duovir Five Times; Politics in Pompeii

Chapter 8. Cave Canem; Animal in Pompeii

Chapter 9. Marcipor; Slavery in Pompeii

h-0009. Edwards, Ann, Elizabeth Hengelsberg, Elizabeth Hubbard. The Mythology Songbook. [33 pages]. Cost: $6.00

This 33 page song book includes original song lyrics for the following myths:

Acis & Galatea, Aeneas & Company, Apollo & Daphne, Arachne & Minerva, Athena, Ceres, Cyclops, Diana, Hercules, Icarus & Daedalus, Jason & the Argonauts, June, Jupiter (Zeus), Mars, Mercury, Midas, Muses, Neptune, Odysseus & Circe, Perseus, Romulus & Remus, Sibyl, Theseus & the Minotaur, The Trojan War, Venus, Venus & Adonis, Vulcan.

h-0010. Hunter, Elizabeth. Latin Lives in the Mollusk World. [32 pages]. Cost: $10.00

This 32 page resource includes the following teaching units on the Mollusk world:

Shell Unit I.     Cardium (Corculum) cardissa

Shell Unit II    Lioconcha castrensis

Shell Unit III    Cypraea argus

Shell Unit IV    Murex trunculus; Mure brandaris

Shell Unit V    Aulicina vespertilio

Shell Unit VI    Amoria undulata

Shell Unit VII    Aulicina nivosa

Shell Unit VIII    Conus arenatus

Shell Unit IX    Xenophora pallidula

Shell Unit X    Terebra maculata, Cypraea quadrimaculata, Cypraea maculifera

Shell Unit XI    Cypraea punctata, Cypraea cicercula, Jenneria pustulata

Shell Unit XII    Murex pectin, Murex cornutus, Murex radix

h-0011. King, WIlliam J. How We Know About Antiquity. [27 pages]. Cost: $6.00

This 27 page resource includes the following materials for learning about the ancient world.

Archaeological Sources: Pottery, Coins, Building Materials

Written Sources: Epigraphy, Papyrology, Other Written Documents, Palaeography, The Forms of Books.

h-0012. Kirkpatrick, Philip R. Pompeian Graffiti. Compiled, Edited and Translated. [16 pages]. Cost: $5.00

This 16 page recourse is intended to be an introduction to Roman graffiti. A sampling of the local script, gathered from the graffiti themselves, is provided. Transcriptions and translations have been provided for those not yet fluent in Latin.

h-0013. Masciantonio, Rudolph. Greco-Roman Sports and Games. [48 pages].  Cost: $10.00

This 48 page resource is intended to assist Latin teachers and English teachers with background in Latin to expand the English vocabulary and reading skills of pupils through the study of Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes. There are 23 lessons

h-0014. Masciantonio, Rudolph. Star Trek with Latin. [27 pages].  Cost: $10.00

This 27 page resource is intended to assist Latin teachers and English teachers with background in Latin to expand the English vocabulary and reading skills of pupils. In this unit the focus is on: [1] Latin Utterances connected with the signs of the Zodiac; [2] mythological and scientific information related to the Zodiac; [3] an appreciation of the use of Latin in astronomy; [4] the structural concepts  subject-object-verb; [5] English derivatives and cognates connected with Latin utterances. There are 13 lessons.

H-0015. Moery, Judith B. Latin: Framing the Future. [21 pages]. Cost: $5.00

This 21 page resource includes the following teaching units:

Lesson 1. What is the lesson to be learned from the Roman approach to slavery?

Lesson 2. Women in the Roman World.

Lesson 3. Choosing a Profession.

Lesson 4. Bridges.

h-0016. Morse, Robert E. Fabulae Latinae. [36 pages]. Cost: $10.00

This 36 page resource includes the following Latin texts:

Aeneas et Evander, Arethusa, Arion, Atalanta, Aurora, Bucephalus, Callisto, Cassiopeia, Cephalus and Procris, Cincinnatus, Coriolanus Fabii, Deucalion et Pyrrha, Donum Dei, Epistula Corneliae, Equus aut Oliva, Horatius Cocles, Infans Mercurius, Latona, Midas

Midas II, Miles Aethiopiae, Milo of Croton Has an Unusual Death, Multa Certamina, Navit Deorum, Niobe, Nisus et Euryalus, Orion—Part 2, Orion—Part 1, Romulus et Remus, Sabine Woman, Salmoneus, the Man who would be God, Secunda Fabula de Cephalo

h-0017. Narden, Joyce E. Imaginative Activities for Today's Students. [29 pages]. Cost: $5.00

This 29 page resource includes the following lessons:

[1]. Housing and Furniture among the Romans

[2]. Cooking and Dining among the Romans

[3]. Fashions among the Romans

[4]. Marriage and Family Life for the Romans

[5]. The Roman Way of School

[6]. Recreation and Entertainment among the Romans

[7]. Roman Aqueducts and Thermae

[8]. Traveling along the Roman Land and Sea.

[9]. Creative Activities for Latin and Mythology Classes

h-0018. Thomson, Ian & Lorraine A. Strasheim. Mythological Monsters: Visuals and Learning Activities. [14 pages]. Cost: $6.00

This 14 page resource includes materials regarding mythological monsters: Argus, Centaurs, Cerberus, Charybdis, Chimaera, Dragon of the Hesperides, Family of Monsters, Geryon and Orthus, Gorgons, Harpies, Hydra, Minotaur, Pegasus, Polyphemus,  Scylla, Sirens, Sphinx, Talus, Triton, Typhon.

h-0019. Crucigrammata Latin. Latin Cross-Word Puzzles. [25 pages]. Answers are included. Cost: $5.00