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J. S. Pach & R.M. Wilhelm.

An Alphabet Book for Spoon Collectors and Children. "Baby Spoon's New Handle" and A Compendium of Souvenir Spoons

(Campanian Society, Inc.: Oxford, OH, 1999).

ISBN: 0-9662763-0-2.

Cost: $20.00 [+ postage]


    Every souvenir spoon has a story worth telling and one which is worth knowing. In this superbly illustrated book An Alphabet Book for Spoon Collectors and Children, the authors have assembled a splendid collection of souvenir spoons to illustrate each letter of the alphabet.  Each souvenir spoon has a story behind it and one that it willing tells to all who will listen.

    This book has two integrated parts: For the avid spoon collector there is A Compendium of Souvenir Spoons in which each of the 137 spoons are identified and referenced: detailed descriptions, patent information, makers' marks, trademarks, type of spoon and references to major spoon resources, books and articles. For each example, there is a Spoon History in which essential information is given about the spoon itself and about the details represented on the spoon handle and in the bowl (e.g. cities, buildings, persons, occasion for issue, artistic commentary, etc.). The Compendium of Souvenir Spoons (168 pages with detailed photographs) will provide much useful information both for the novice and the advanced collector of spoons.

    These 137 souvenir spoons are illustrated in Baby Spoon's New Handle, an alphabet primer that takes the reader along with Baby Spoon as he searches for a new handle. In the past children ate with curved baby spoons and in time graduated to a straight-handled spoon: a momentous event, part of growing up and leaving behind childish things. In the beautifully illustrated story, Baby Spoon searches for a new handle, but there are so many from which to choose; each handle has its own unique history and character. Which handle will it be?:  the handle with the alligator? the buffalo? the crab? the elephant? the fish? the horse? the king? the lighthouse? the ostrich? the penguin? the rabbit? the stork? the turtle? the umbrella? The windmill? And, who will make the decision:  Mother Chantilly? Father Wallace? or Baby Spoon? Which handle will be just the right one for Baby Spoon?

    Richly illustrated with 170 high quality photographs of unique and interesting souvenir spoons, this book is both for Spooners and children. With this book children will learn their ABCs by following Baby Spoon's search for a new handle: the 26 letters of the alphabet are illustrated with spoon handles on which are depicted easily recognizable images representing each letter. Accompanying written letters reinforce the learning process. Souvenir spoon collectors will want this book in their reference library for its valuable resources, extensive discussion of each souvenir spoons and detailed index. This book will bring many hours of delight to all collectors of souvenir spoons and to children.

    For a review of this book, see: Silver Magazine. To order this book, contact American Spoon Collectors at: Campanian Society, Inc.

0011-Souvenir Spoons: Essays To Aid Spoon Collectors:

Spooners Forum Retrospective In Honor of Bill Boyd

[American Spoon Collectors]

178 pages with 233 illustrations & drawings.

Spiral Bound - 8 1/2 x 11.

(Oxford, OH., 2002).

ISBN 1-030796-02-1.

$30.00 (+ postage)

Book Description: This book of selected essays published in Spooners Forum from 1974 to 2001] is dedicated to Bill Boyd for his long outstanding service to the souvenir spoon collecting hobby. A wide variety of topics and thought provoking articles (more than 80 with 233 illustrations and drawings) culled from past issues of Spooners Forum are included. Among the articles included are the following:

¬Silver Tribute to Trees

¬How Can a Spoon Be Recognized as a Reissue?

¬Another Tiffany & Co. Reissue


¬Spoons Called Mules

¬Not a D.A.R. Spoon

¬Spooning in Russia

¬New York Times Building

¬Some Fascinating Figurals

¬Thoughts on a Common Weed

¬The Cape Cod Canal

¬The Ancient Pyramids

¬Shoe Spoons

¬The Damascene Spoons of Toledo

¬Alaskan Souvenir Spoons

¬Amelia Earhart — First Lady of Flight

¬The Steamboat W. Penn Spoon

¬Cats on Spoons

¬Travel by Blimp

¬AK-SAR-BEN Spoon by Shepard

¬Spoon Place Names in United States

¬Real Women on Spoons

¬How A Dream Was Realized

¬Collecting George Washington Spoons

¬The U.S. Bottlers

¬Concerning Rebus Spoons

¬Spooners Post Cards

¬Smokey The Bear Celebrates His 50th Birthday

¬Salem Witch Spoon

¬Sea Shell Spoons and Spoon Warmers

0012-Souvenir Spoons & Flatware. American, Historical

& Around the World. Comprehensive Bibliography.

[American Spoon Collectors]

(Rhinecliff, NY., 2005).

ISBN: 1-930796-11-0.

$25.00 (+ postage)

Book Description: Souvenir spoon articles and books began to be published in 1890 and have continued to be published until the present. Until this present book, there has never been a comprehensive bibliographical reference book published on souvenir spoons.

    This bibliographical reference book (280 pages) for souvenir spoon collectors (as well as silver flatware & colonial silver collectors) from America and Around The World has over 6000 entries that include books, articles, catalogs, newspaper, magazine and Internet references. In this volume has been assembled a comprehensive listing of all articles on souvenir spoons which have been published in major antique journals and publications devoted to souvenir spoons.


0013-Gorham's Patented Souvenir Spoons,

Patentees & Exclusive Retailers

[American Spoon Collectors]

ISBN: 1-930796-15-3

485 pages, spiral bound

558 illustrations 9b/w, 29 pages of color illustrations

Cost: $95.00 (+ postage)


This book examines Gorham's patented souvenir spoons, and the patentees and exclusive retailers of these spoons.

For all of Gorham's patented souvenir spoons, the subjects and themes of these spoons and their artistic qualities are examined. An integral part of this study are the patentees of these spoons — in the past merely names but now living and breathing creative figures through this exploration of the patentees' personal histories, education and professional careers. Historical details and pictures of the exclusive retailers who marketed the Gorham spoons, have been collected from a wide variety of sources and add new insights into the marketing of souvenir spoons throughout America — Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review; business histories of home cities of retailers; census reports; advertising journals; countless newspapers; retailer's original documents. An essay on Arthur West (Patentee & Exclusive Retailer from Colorado) by Ed & Nancy Bathke is included.

0014-Spoonmania — 1891.

[American Spoon Collectors]

(Rhinecliff, NY., 2006).

ISBN: 1-930796-12-9.

$25.00 (+ postage)

Book Description: The twenty-one Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review articles published in Spoonmania — 1891 predate the publication of both Souvenir Spoons of America and the James Catalog. These twenty-one articles are an important resource for every souvenir spoon collector. These articles are published by American Spoon Collectors to make them available to collectors and to preserve them for future collectors.

0015-Souvenir Spoon Advertisements in the 1890s

[American Spoon Collectors]

228 pages — spiral bound — ISBN: 1-930796-17-X

385 advertisements — 144 jewelers & silver companies

$25.00 (+ postage)

In order to market the Salem Witch Souvenir Spoon in 1891, Daniel Low launched a huge sales campaign, running an advertisement in the Saturday Evening Post that resulted in orders totaling more than $3,000 from all over the world. Low's souvenir spoon ad inspired his competitors to prepare and publish their own advertisements. In this book (228 pages), I have collected together 385 advertisements published by 144 different jewelers and silver companies in the 1890s.

These advertisements are important for a number of reasons.

  1. Although designers and silver companies patented souvenir spoons, many did not. Consequently our only printed record of these unpatented souvenir spoons is the advertisements published in newspapers, magazines and advertising brochures sent to customers and to jewelers.

  1. These advertisements contain important information about the spoons: i.e. historical information, details about the design and the types of spoons manufactured (citrus bowl, gold washed bowl, bonbon, etc.).

  1. The advertisements provide information about the silver company or jeweler who sold the spoon(s) at local jewelry stores throughout the country.

The advertisements in this book have been assembled from a variety of sources:

Advertising Brochures from numerous companies:

(Greenleaf & Crosby, Gorham, Hirsch, Hansell, Sloan & Co., Wallace, etc).

Century Magazine.


Harper's Magazine.

Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review.

Jewelers' Circular Keystone.

Jewelers' Weekly.

Literary Digest.

Munsey's Magazine.

Spinning Wheel.

The Cosmopolitan.


The major source of advertisements is Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review [JCHR] and Harper's Magazine. For most advertisements, a source and date reference has been provided — the vast majority of the advertisements being dated to 1891 – 1892.


0016-Black Americana Souvenir Spoons

[American Spoon Collectors]

ISBN: 1-930796-14-5

291 pages + xvi Introduction + (752 illustrations of

which 132 are in color)

Cost: $95.00 (+ postage)

In recent years a number of books and articles have been published about Black Americana collectibles (advertising cards, housewares (salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, spoon rests), toys, games and postcards. In these publications Black-themed souvenir spoons have scarcely been mentioned—  if they are mentioned at all!

For many years, souvenir spoon collectors have ravenously searched out and purchased Black Americana souvenir spoons for their collections. There has been, however, virtually nothing published in the various souvenir spoon newsletters or spoon books about these spoons. Some collectors have claimed that the spoons are too racially offensive to publish; collectors, nevertheless, are spending (and have spent) thousands of dollars for individual Black-themed souvenir spoons (check out the prices on e-Bay, in mail auctions and at auction houses).

The subject of Black Americana souvenir spoons is a controversial one but it deserves attention and publication. During the 19th century, racist imagery in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, illustrated books and on souvenir spoons was as American as apple pie. Appallingly crude racial and ethnic stereotypes were much favored by commercial concerns who regarded these "trade characters" (as they were called) to be friendly mascots. Today these images are considered demeaning at best, downright disgusting at worst.

The Black Americana souvenir spoons, however, would not have been made had there not been a ready market for them. Clearly this category of souvenir spoons was a profitable financial venture for silver companies. These spoons must be viewed within their historical and cultural context in the same way that a painting by Vermeer or a sculpture by Michelangelo must be studied and appreciated within their respective historical context.

In Black Americana Souvenir Spoons [see table of contents over page] has been assembled a wide variety of Black-themed souvenir spoons which were designed and marketed by more than twenty-two silver companies. The book is divided into three major sections [1] Black Americana spoons in honor of Abolitionists [2] Black Americana stereotypes on souvenir spoons and [3] Black Americana souvenir spoons produced by more than twenty-two silver companies. The book [280 pages] also includes an Introduction and Bibliography and 652 illustrations (of which 110 in are color).

Table of Contents

Introduction To Black Americana

Souvenir Spoons


Section One

Black Americana Spoons in Honor of


In four chapters souvenir spoons manufactured to honor four abolitionist leaders are treated.


John Brown — Abolitionist Liberator and Martyr.

Frederick Douglass — Abolitionist Agitator.

Harriet Beecher Stowe — Abolitionist Writer.

Booker T. Washington — Abolitionist Educator.


Section Two

Black Americana Stereotypes on

Souvenir Spoons

In six separate chapters the major Black stereotypes which appeared on souvenir spoons are examined to provide the historical and cultural background of Black-themed souvenir spoons.


The Coon Stereotype on Souvenir Spoons.

The Watermelon Stereotype on Souvenir Spoons.

The Banjo Stereotype on Souvenir Spoons.

The Pickaninnies Stereotype on Souvenir Spoons.

The Mammy Stereotype on Souvenir Spoons.

The Cotton Picker Stereotype on Souvenir Spoons.


Section Three

Companies That Produced Black

Americana Souvenir Spoons

At least twenty-two silver companies produced Black Americana souvenir spoons. Following introductory comments about each silver company, the Black-themed souvenir spoons are identified, illustrated and discussed; visual sources (postcards, original photographs, paintings and real people) for depictions of Blacks and scenes on souvenir spoons are identified wherever possible.


Alvin Mfg. Co. [Alvin-Beiderhase Co.]

Baker-Manchester Mfg. Co.

Campbell-Metcalf Silver Co.

Codding Bros & Heilborn Co.

Fessenden & Company.

Gorham Mfg. Co.

Hirsch and Oppenheimer.

Howard Sterling Co.

Oeschle, Albert.

Paye & Baker Mfg. Co.

Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen Co.

The Sterling Mfg. Co.

Shepard Mfg. Co.

George W. Shiebler & Co.

Stratford Silver Plate Co.

A.F. Towle & Son Co.

Towle Silversmiths.

R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co.

Watson, Newell & Co.

Wendell Mfg. Co.

Roger Williams Silver Co.

Sterling, Silverplate, No Maker Marks.