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vergil-0001. Breuker, John. Study Notes for Vergil's Aeneid. (Oxford, Ohio: The Campanian Society, 2000). ISBN: 0-96627-639-6. Soft cover. Spiral bound. [98 pages] Cost: $25.00

vergil-0002. Lucas, George H. Frequency Word Lists For Vergil's Aeneid (Books i-VI).  [20 pages].  Cost: $.3.00

vergil-0003. Wilhelm, Robert M. & Howard Jones [Editors]. The Two Worlds of the Poet. New Perspectives on Vergil. (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1992). ISBN: 0-814392450-9. Hard cover with dust jacket. [522 pages]. Cost: $40.00

vergil-0004. Wilhelm, Robert.  The Vergilian Society of America: The First Fifty Years. (Vergilius. Supplementary Volume 3, 1988). [127 pages]. Cost: $10.00

Vergil-0005. Yankton, James.  Enhancing the Study of Vergil's Aeneid. (Oxford, Ohio: The Campanian Society, 2000). ISBN: 0-96627-638-8. Soft cover. Spiral bound. [76 pages].  Cost: $10.00

[1]  The Doors on the Temple of Apollo At Cumae.

[2] The Cumaean Sibyl (Vergil's Cumaean Sibyl; The Grotto of the Sibyl at Cumae; Michaelangelo and the Cumaean Sibyl in the Sistine Chapel; Student Activities)

[3] Omens and Prophecies in Vergil's Aeneid (Omens in Vergil's Aeneid; Prophecies in Vergil's Aeneid).

[4] Rhetorical and Technical Terms in the Aeneid.

[5] Greek proper names in the Aeneid.

[6] Vergil and Milton: Allusions & Literary Parallels.

vergil-0006. Jordan, Victoria. A Commentary on the Aeneid. For Selections Included in the Advanced Placement Vergil Examination. (Oxford, Ohio: The Campanian Society, 1999). ISBN: 0-96627-633-7. Soft cover. Spiral bound. [224 pages]. Cost: $25.00

vergil-0007. McKay, Alexander G. Arma Virumque: Heroes at War. Vergil. Aeneid 10.420-509 & Aeneid 12. 7691-842, 887-952. (Oxford, Ohio: The Campanian Society, 1998). ISBN: 0-96627-631-0. Soft cover. Spiral bound. [106 pages] Cost: $20.00

vergil-0008. Kennedy, George A. The Latin Ilias: Introduction, Text, Translation and Notes. The Latin of the Ilias Latina is remarkably easy; this text can be used to great advantage with high school Latin students and intermediate or advanced college students. Ilias Latina is a reduction of the entire Iliad into 1070 lines. Written by Baebius Italicus, during the reign of Nero, Ilias Latina is classical style and draws upon Vergil and Ovid for its vocabulary, syntax and idioms. Includes: Introduction, Latin text. Cost: $30.00

vergil-0009. Vergilius (Volume 61, 2015). Cost: $20.00


Apostol, Ricardo. Urbanus es, Corydon: Ecocritiquing Town and Country in Eclogue 2.

McCallum, Sarah L. Heu Ligurine: Echoes of Vergil in Horace Odes 4.1

Goodfellow, M.S. Earl Reception of Vergil’s Georgics: Protinus Italiam Concepit

Townshend, James R. Stop Me If You’ve hear This One: Faux Alexandrian Footnotes in Vergil

Cowan, Robert. On the Weak King according to Vergil: Aeolus, Latinus, and Political Allegories in the Aeneid

de Vasconcellos, Paulo Sérgio. A SOund Play on Aeneas’ Name in the Aeneid

Shumilin, Mikhail. Hosidius Geta’s Cento Medea: Vergilian Tragedy or Tragedy against Vergil?

Werner, Shirley. Vergilian Bibliography 2014-2015


Philip Hardie, The Last Trojan Hero: A Cultural History of Virgil’s Aeneid. (Brian W. Breed)

R.F. Thomas and J.M. Ziolkowski (eds.) The Virgil Encyclopedia. (James J. Clauss)

Ulrich Wilke and Werner Suerbaum (eds), Vergils Aeneid: Buch-Illustrationen des 16 und 17. Jahrhunderts (Craig Kallendorf)

Gian Biagio Conte, Dell’imitazione. Furto e originalità (Paulo Sérgio de Vasconcellos)

vergil-0009. Vergilius (Volume 62, 2016).

Cost: $20.00


Seider, Aaron M. Genre, Gallus and Goats: Expanding The Limits of Pastoral in Eclogues 6 and 10. (pages 3-24)

Kronenberg, Leah. Epicurean Pastoral: Daphnis as an Allegory for Lucretius in Vergil's Eclogues. (pages 25-56)

Beck, Bill. Causas Memora: Epic Etiology and Vergil's Aeneid. (pages 57-78)

Nelsestuen, Grant A. Numanus Remulus, Ascanius, and Cato's Origines: The Rhetoric of Ethnicity in Aeneid 9. (page 79-98)

Trinacty, Christopher V. Aeneid 12 and Seneca's Agamemnon. (pages 99-114)

Luginbill, Robert D. Sola means sola: The Accidental Repurposing of Aeneid 4.84-85. (pages 115-118)

Werner, Shirley. Vergilian Bibliography 2015-2016.


Brammall, Sheldon. The English Aeneid: Translation of Virgil, 1555-1646. (Craig Kallendorf)

Baudoou, Alban and Severine Clement-Tarantino (trans.) Servius: A L'ecole de Virgile. (Robert A. Kaster).

Pogorzelski, Randall J. Virgil and Joyce: Nationalism and Imperialism in the Aeneid and Ulysses. (Fiachra Mac Gorain)

Gagliardi, Paola. Commento alla decima ecloga di Virgilio (John van Sickle)

Heaney, Seamus. Aeneid Book VI. (Ralph J. Hexter)

Fratantuano, Lee M. and R. Alden Smith. Virgil, Aeneid 5: Text, Translation and Commentary. (Damin Nelis).


vergil-0010. Augustan Age.  [edited  by Robert J. Rowland].  Volume 6 (1987). [281 pages}. Cost: $10.00


Alexander G. McKay. The Vitality of the Aeneid.

Mark P.O. Morford. The Aeneid as a Roman Poem.

Robert M. Wilhelm. Aeneas and Dido: The Search for a New City.

Michelle P. Wilhelm. Arrival in Latium: New Loyalties &preparations.

John A. Dutra. The Fortunes of War: The Birth of a Legacy.

Vincent J. Cleary. The Music of the Aeneid: Poetry of Celebration, Song, Prophecy.

William R. Nethercut. Vergil's  Use of the Odyssey in Shaping the Aeneid.

William R. Nethercut. Vergil's Use of the Iliad  in Shaping the Aeneid.

Robert J. Rowland. Vergil's Aeneas.

Robert J. Rowland. Aeneas Before Vergil. Part I.

Robert J. Rowland. Aeneas Before Vergil. Part II.

Robert J. Rowland. Some Medieval Aeneases.

Robert J. Rowland. The Genesis of Robert Graves I, Claudius.

Meyer Reinhold. The Americanization of Vergil. From Colonial Times to 1882.

Susan F. Wiltshire. Rome on the Potomac. Vergil and Public Life in America.

Alexander G. McKay. Book Illustrations of Vergil's Aeneid A.D. 400-1980.

Alexander Dalzell. Vergil's Aeneid and Les Troyens of Berlioz.

Philip N. Lockhart. Latin Poetry and Roman Literacy: The Search for the Perfect Elementary School Text.

Joseph F. O'Connor. The Aeneid Institute and Afterwards.

vergil-0011. La Cucina Sgariglia. Cook Book from the VIlla Vergiliana [46 pages]. Cost: $10.00

vergil-0012. John E. Ziolkowski, Classical Washington; Robert M. Wilhelm. A Selected List of Paintings and Sculptures on Classical SUbjects in the National Gallery of Art, Washington,D.C. [51 pages]. Cost: $10.00

vergil-0013 Virgilio: Natale e Capodanno dell'Illustrazione Italiana. Vincenzo Ussani & Luigi Suttina, eds. FOLIO, issued as a special number of L'ILLUSTRAZIONE ITALIANA, 67 pp., illustrated throughout with reproductions & contemporary halftones, ads Cover = damaged and ragged. Interior pages = in very good condition; colored pictures are fine and brilliant. [67 pages]. Cost: $125.00