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Below is a list of souvenir spoon books that are currently available for purchase from American Spoon Collectors. If you do not have a copy of these books, please consider purchasing one or more of these important souvenir spoon books. In most cases, ONLY one or two copies of each book are available — and in some cases the books are available through “Print-on-Demand” (which, of course, makes the print-on-demand more expensive).

To order books, please send request to check availability to American Spoon Collectors; include name of book and author.  You may contact us by telephone, e-mail or snail-mail:

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0017-Ouida Verizzo

American Skyline Souvenir Spoons

(Privately Printed: 1978)

$30.00 (+ postage)

For anyone interested in collecting or learning about Sterling Silver Skyline Souvenir Spoons, this book is the major (and only) resource. Verizzo has examined "Skyline Spoons" in considerable detail and grouped them under the following headings:

  1. City Skyline – buildings of a city as seen against the horizon, which forms the upper edge of the handle

  1. Stacked City Skylines – views of city buildings placed partially upon each other on the handle, in an upright position

  1. Building Skylines – a single building which covers the entire handle

  1. Natural Skylines – configuration of nature (such as mountains, water or ice flows) form the horizon

  1. Enclosed Skylines – the contour of the horizon does not form the upper edge of the handle

  1. Partial Skylines – only about half the handle is a skyline.


For anyone collecting Skyline Spoons, this book is an essential reference work. Skyline spoons from the following states are included in this book:

Alaska                                             Arizona    

Arkansas                                           California

Colorado,                                        District of Columbia   

Florida,                                               Georgia           

Hawaii                                            Illinois   

Indiana                                                Iowa               

Louisiana                                         Maryland

Massachusetts                                Michigan  

Minnesota                                        Missouri

Montana                                            Nevada

New Jersey                                         New Mexico

New York                                        Ohio

Oregon                                               Pennsylvania

Puerto Rico                                         Rhode Island

South Dakota                                    Tennessee

Texas                                                Utah

Washington                                    Southwest.

This book is out-of-print and would be available from other

collectors or from booksellers.


0018-Ouida Verizzo

Additions and Corrections to American Skyline Souvenir Spoons

(Privately Printed: 1985).

$25.00 (+ postage)

This up-date provides good additional information to the original publication and important corrections.

0019-Dirksen Filigree Catalog

$10.00 (+ postage)

Catalogue Description: The constant request from out of town trade since the close of the Chicago World's Fair (in 1893) and the rapid increase of mail order necessitated the issuing of a catalog. All items were illustrated full size. This catalog is a reprint of the original catalog printed.

0020-Diane Zinn

Paye & Baker Manufacturing Co. Silversmiths. Catalog No. 50 (1908)

$25.00 (+ postage)

Reprint of original Paye & Baker Catalog. The introduction states:  "This, our fiftieth catalog, is proof of our growth and progress, and our constantly increasing patronage bears witness to the general salability of our goods and the straightforwardness of our methods. Ours is an honest line of sterling silverware, and implicit confidence may be placed in the accuracy of illustrations and descriptions. . . . This catalog is representative, but it is by no means complete, and new pieces are being added every day in the year."

0021-Shepard Mfg. Co. Catalogue. Circa 1914

Spiral bound: 8 1/2/ x 11

$25.00 (+ postage)

Catalog Description: This photocopy reproduction of the catalog includes pictures of Shepard souvenir spoons as well as:

[1] Enameled Jewelry

[2] Mourning Jewelry

[3] Blue Bird Jewelry

[4] 14-Karat Jewelry

Also included are as illustrations of Shepard flatware patterns, napkins markers, baby spoons and enameled birthday spoons.

0022-Indians in Sterling: A Pictorial Catalog of Souvenir Spoons

Commemorating North American Indians.

Jim Frink [ed.]

46 pages with 368 illustrations.

(Spiral Bound - 8 1/2 x 11).

(Rhinecliff, NY, 2002).

ISBN: 1-930796-09-9.

$25.00 (+ postage)

Catalog Description: This catalog with illustrations of 368 sterling souvenir spoons depicting Indians is a "must" for anyone who is interested in collecting Indian souvenir spoons. Originally printed in 1983 (only 200 copies), this catalogue has been reprinted from the original plates and is now available to ASC members as well as other souvenir spoon collectors. In the Introduction, Frink stated: "On the pages to follow are 368 spoons. Some frequently encountered, others quite rare. There are those that are really great, and some that are rather mediocre, and a lot that are in between. Nearly all the spoons pictured have as a common bond, an Indian, Indian bust, or head as a predominate part of the spoon. A great many of the Indian spoons shown in this catalog are found in more than one size. Some even come in five different sizes ranging from large teaspoons to salt spoons."

0023-Watson & Newell. Souvenirs in Sterling. Illustrations of Souvenirs in Sterling Silver. Spoons, Forks and Novelties Accompanied by Numbers,

Description and List Prices.

Spiral Bound: 8 ½ x 11. Paper cover.

Watson & Newell Co., 1910).

$32.00 (+ postage).

Book Description: This advertising catalog published by the Watson & Newell Company (Attleboro, MA) is a major source for identification of souvenir spoons produced by this company during the first decade of the 20th century. The following souvenir spoon topics are included:

  1. ¬Spoons for School & College

  2. ¬Spoons for Birthday Gifts

  3. ¬Spoons for States

  4. ¬Spoons for Painting in Colors

  5. ¬Spoons for Painted Subjects

  6. ¬The Fruits

  7. ¬The Flowers

  8. ¬Souvenirs for Engraving

  9. ¬Indian Subjects

  10. ¬Souvenirs for Lodges

  11. ¬The Poets

  12. ¬Souvenirs for Cities

  13. ¬Spoons for the Sea Shore

  14. ¬Souvenir Spoons for Noted Men

  15. ¬Souvenirs for the South

  16. ¬Apostle, Easter and Christmas Spoons

  17. ¬Mining Spoons

  18. ¬Children's Spoons

  19. ¬Christmas Spoons

  20. ¬Baby Spoons and Forks

  21. ¬Food Pushers

  22. ¬Souvenir Forks

  23. ¬Letter Openers

  24. ¬Engraved Spoons

0024-Souvenirs in Sterling Silver. Watson Supplement I

(Watson & Newell Co.)

16 pages

Paper Cover. Stapled: 8 ½ x 11.

$11.00 (+ postage)

Book Description: This 16 page supplement augments and enlarges upon the previous publication above and provides additional illustrations, new items and changes in prices. This supplement include the following:

  1. ¬Spoons for School and College

  2. ¬Spoons for Birthday Gifts

  3. ¬Spoons for States

  4. ¬Spoons for Birthday Gifts

  5. ¬Spoons for Painting in Colors

  6. ¬Spoons for Birthday Gifts

  7. ¬Spoons for Painted Subjects

  8. ¬The Fruits

  9. ¬Spoons for Birthday Gifts (enamels)

  10. ¬The Flowers

  11. ¬Souvenirs For the South