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Campanian Society. Caesar Parsed. De Bello Gallico. Boob 1.1-1.7.  A Compilation of notes & Commentaries Based Upon Eleven Caesar Texts. (Rhinecliff, New York: The Campanian Society, 2013). ISBN: 1-930796-18-8. Soft cover. Spiral Bound. [87 pages]. Cost: $10.00.

Beyer, Brian. Legends of Early Rome. Authentic Latin prose for the Beginning Students. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015).

           In this text for upper-Beginner and intermediate students, brian Beyer collects authentic Latin prose from Book 1 of Eutropius’s Breviarium ab urbe condita, which covers Roman history from Rome’s foundation to the sakce of Rome by the Gauls. Cost: $20.00

Zurawel, Rosemary A. Ovid: Beyond the Changes. Lessons to Accompany The Metamorphoses. [68 pages]. Cost: $15.00

Table of Contents

What are ethics and morals?

Lessons from Ovid in the Metamorphoses

Ovid in the Middle Ages

Shakespeare and Ovid

What is a good person?

We hold these truths to be self evident

Moral Questions in Literature from Your Childhood

The FOur Ages of Man

Laws of Fairness and Justice

Punishment (The Floor)

Punishment (Epilogue)

Punishment (Others Who Were Punished)

Punishment and Codes

Wisdom Come with Age (Deucalion and Pyrrha)

Temperance (Arachne, Niobe)

The Intemperance of Youth (Phaethon, Cadmus, Icarus)

Obedience (Daedalus and Icarus)

Friendship and Hospitality (Baucis and Philemon)

Friendship and Hospitality (Perseus)

Hospitality Abused)


Spite and Responsibility (Apollo and Daphne)

Respect for the Gods

Powerful Words — Be Careful of What You Say!

Rewards (Deucalion & Pyrrha; Philemon & Baucis)

Vanity (Echo & Narcissue)

Loyalty (Callisto)

Civic Duty (Minos)

Love (Pygmalion)

All’s Fair in Love and War (Medea)

Like Father, Like Don (Mercury)

Lust of Jupiter

Jealousy of Juno

Promises (Semele, Phaethon)

Keeping Promises (Theseus & Ariadne)

Revenge (Tereus, et al)

Suicide (Pyramus & Thisbe)

Responsibility (Pyramus & Thisbe)

Apotheosis and Flattery

Rules for Living (Doctrines of Pythagoras)

Devil’s Advocate

Judgement and Decisions

Etched in Stone

Lessons I’ve Learned



Ovid. Augustan Age 10 (1990-1992). Cost:  $10.00


1. R. Elaine Fantham. Metamorphoses Before the Metamorphoses: A Survey of Transformations Before Ovid.

2. Karl Galinsky. Ovid and Greco-Roman Myth.

3. Alexander G. McKay. Prometheus Then and Now.

4. Joseph F. O'Connor. Ovid's Meleager.

5. Michelle P. Wilhelm. The Medeas of Euripides, Apollonius and Ovid.

6. Robert M. Wilhelm. The Metamorphosis of the Golden Age in Greek and Latin Writers.

6. David E. Baumbach. Classics in the Elementary School Classroom.

7. Bernice Jefferis. Interpreting Vergil: Across the Arts, Across the Curriculum.

8. E.N. Genovese. A Little Sphere Music: Metamorphic Harmony in Ovid's Metamorphoses.

9. Elisabeth Franck. Bibliography on Elementary Classics.

10. Janeene R.B. Blank. Classical Mythology and the Fine Arts in the Classroom.

11. Annis M. Shepherd. Feel-A-Myth.

12. Mary Ann Titus. Wonder Stories.

13. Ann Edwards, Susan Hengelsberg, Elizabeth Hubbard. Songs of Mythology.

14. Joette McDonald. Jovial Pursuit: A Game of Skill and Chance.

Zurawell, Rosemary A. Hands-On Activities for Middle & High School Students to Support Stories in Cambridge Latin Course, Unit I. (Oxford, Ohio: The Campanian Society, 2001). ISBN: 1-030796-06-4. [50 pages]. Soft cover. Spiral Bound. Cost: $8.00