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Below is a list of souvenir spoon books that are currently available for purchase from American Spoon Collectors. If you do not have a copy of these books, please consider purchasing one or more of these important souvenir spoon books. In most cases, ONLY one or two copies of each book are available — and in some cases the books are available through “Print-on-Demand” (which, of course, makes the print-on-demand more expensive).

To order books, please send request to check availability to American Spoon Collectors; include name of book and author.  You may contact us by telephone, e-mail or snail-mail:

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0025-Curtis, Tony. Antiques and their Values. Silver.

(Galashiels, Scotland: Lyle Publications, 1977).

ISBN 0-902921-52-5. Hard cover.

Cost: $5.00

Includes topics are: Baskets, Beakers, Beer jugs, Bells, Boxes, Biscuit containers, Bottles, Bowls, Brandy warmers, Buckles, Caddy spoons, Candelabrum, Candlesticks, Card cases, Corers, Casters, Centerpieces, Chambersticks, Chambers, Chocolate pots, Coasters, Coffee pots, Cruets, Cups, Dishes, Epergne, Ewers, Fish slices, Flasks, Flatware, Goblets, Grape scissors, Inkstands, Jugs, Kettles, Knives, Kovsch, Ladles, Marrow scoops, Match cases, Miniature silver, Mirrors & frames, Miscellaneous, Models, Mugs, Mustard pots, Mulls, Napkin rings, Nefs, Nips, Nutmeg graters, Pails, Peppers, Porringers, Plates, Quaich, Rattles, Strainers, Salts, Salvers, Sauceboats, Scent bottles, Scissors, Scoops, Skewers, Smoking accessories, Snuff boxes, Sovereign cases, Tantalus, Tapersticks, Tazza, Tankards, Tea & coffee sets, Tea caddies, Teapots, Tea urns, Toilet requisites, Toast racks, Tongs, Traveling requisites, Trays, Tureens, Vases, Vinaigrettes, Whistles, Wine coolers, Wine funnels, Wine labels, Writing accessories.

0026-Dowell, Joanne. Spooning Postcards.

Spiral bound book of postcard (photocopy produced by the author.

Cost: $10.00

0027-Fletcher, Lucinda. Silver.

(New York: Crescent Books, 1973). LC: 73-80653.

Hard cover with dust jacket.

A book in the Crescent Connoisseur's Library Series.

Cost: $5.00

Includes chapters on: [1] The Destruction of European plate. [2] Medieval Silver. [3] Renaissance Silver. [4] The Golden years of Dutch Silver. [5]. The Baroque Style. [6]. Late 17th Century Silver. [7]. The Edict of Nantes Revoked. [8]. Early American Silver. [9] The Queen Anne Style. [10]. The Growth of Rococo. [11]. The Battle of the Styles. [12] Glossary of Terms. [13]. Bibliography.

0028-Henson, Catherine M. How to Enamel on Copper.

(Laguna beach: Foster Art Service, Inc.) .

Home of The Art Colony of the West.

[page size: 10 ½ x 14 inches. 40 pages].

Cost; $10.00

0029-James, Isabel Vaughan. "The Pan-American Exposition."

Adventures in Western New York History.

Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society  6 (1961).

16 pages. OFF-PRINT.

Cost: $6.00