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0050-cl. The Latin in Chemistry and Mathematics. [13 pages]

Cost: $5.00

0051-cl. Masciantonio, Rudolph. The Classical Heritage in America. [100 pages].

Cost: $30.00

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Classical Heritage in the Discovery of America

Chapter 2. The Classical Influence in Colonial Education

Chapter 3. Benjamin Franklin and the Classics

Chapter 4. James Logan and the Classics

Chapter 5. Benjamin Rush and the Classics

Chapter 6. Thomas Jefferson and the Classics

Chapter 7. Revolution Patriots in the Roman & American Republics

Chapter 8. Classical Influence on American Government

Chapter 9. Our Legal Heritage from Greece and Rome

Chapter 10. Classical Influences 20th Century American Literature

Chapter 11. Classical Influence on American Art and Architecture

Select Bibliography on Classical Heritage in America.

0052-cl. Roman Numerals: How the Romans Counted. [30 pages].

Cost: $10.00.

Table of Contents

Roman Numbers: How the Romans COunted

Declensions of Roman Numbers

Roman Numerals

Uni Word Study

Duo Word Study

Tres Word Study

Quattuor Word Study

Quinque Word Study

Sex Word Study

Sept Word Study

Octo Word Study

Novem Word Study

Decem Word Study

Interesting Words

Write the Numbers

0053-cl. Latin Puzzles. [14 pages]. These puzzles are geared to information which is generally covered in Middle school and early high school Latin. Cost: $5.00

Tables of Contents

Geography of Italy

The Family

Mount Vesuvius

Cardinal Numbers

Roman Deities

Roman Houses

Roman Circuses


Miilitary Terms

The Army

Roman Government’Latin Potpourri

Answer Key

0054-cl. The Development of the Roman ALphabet. [18 pages] Cost: $5.00