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Below is a list of souvenir spoon books that are currently available for purchase from American Spoon Collectors. If you do not have a copy of these books, please consider purchasing one or more of these important souvenir spoon books. In most cases, ONLY one or two copies of each book are available — and in some cases the books are available through “Print-on-Demand” (which, of course, makes the print-on-demand more expensive).

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0030-Pach, Jacqueline and Robert M. Wilhelm.

An Alphabet Book for Spoon Collectors and Children.

"Baby Spoon's New Handle" and A Compendium of Souvenir Spoons.

(Oxford, Ohio: The Campanian Society, 1998).

ISBN: 0-9662763-0-2. Soft cover.

Cost: $20.00 (+ postage)

0031-Rantz, Bob. All My Kewpies.

(October, 1993). Soft cover.

Cost: $10.00 (+ postage)

0032-Robbins Company.

Souvenir Spoons Exerts from The Robbins Company

(Formerly The Chas. M. Robbins Co) Catalog of 1915.

Photocopy. Staple Bound. pp 78-118.

Cost: $5.00v (+ postage)

0033-Snell, Doris Jean. 100 Silver Collectibles.

(Des Moines: Wallace-Homestead, 1973). 

Cost: $10.00v (+ postage)

Includes: FLATWARE: children's sets, food pushers, forks, knives, ladles, nut cracker, picks, servers, scoops, spoons, tongs. SERVING CONTAINERS: basket, bowls, castors & Caster, dishes, holder, jar, pitcher, pots, silver deposit containers. TABLE NOVELTIES: corn holders, knife rest, napkin rings, salt & pepper shakers, tea ball, tea strainers, toothpick holders. NOVELTIES: desk accessories, ladies accessories, toilet articles (bottles, boxes, brushes, hair curler, hooks, manicure accessories, shaving equipment.

0034-Snell, Doris Jean. Victorian Silverplated Flatware.

(Des Moines: Wallace-Homestead, 1975).

ISBN: 0-87069-114-7.

Cost: $10.00 (+ postage)

Includes the following companies with pictures: Amerian Silver Company, Benedict Mfg. Co., Boardman & Son, Gorham, Hall & Elton, Holmes, Booth & Haydens, Holmes & Edwards, Holmes & Tuttle Mfg. Co., Pairpoint Mfg Co., Reed & Barton, Rogers Bros., Rogers & bros. Star Rogers & bros., Rogers & Hamilton, C. Rogers & Bros., Wm. A. Rogers, Eagle Wm. Rogers Star, Anchor Rogers Anchor, J. Russel & Co., Towle Mfg. Co., R. Wallace.

0035-Soeffing, D. Albert. Silver Medallion Flatware.

(New York: New Books, Inc., 1988).

ISBN: 0-929424-00-X.

Hard cover with dust jacket.

Cost: $49.00 (+ postage)

0036-9Stewart, Jean. Golden State in '88.

A glimpse of California through a Series of Reprinted

Spoon Articles going back fifty years.

Cost: $10.00 (+ postage)

Includes articles on California Spoons:

[1] Historical California in Sterling Reliefs.

[2] Souvenir Spoon of California.

[3] American Souvenir Spoons Featuring California Mementos.

[4] Three San Francisco Spoons.

[5] Events & Exposition Spoons.

[6] California Mission Spoons.

[7] Souvenir Spoons of California.

[8] Fra Juniper Serra 17659.

[9] Mustache Spoons.

[10] The California Bear Spoons.

[11] Mr. & Mrs. John L. Banks, Collectors & Researchers.

[12] Old Souvenir Spoons of Siskiyou County.

[13] Souvenir Spoons Commemorating Two California Exposition.

[14] Souvenir Spoons of the California Midwinter International Exposition.

0037-Thanet, Octave. "The Trans-Mississippi Exposition." 

In The Cosmopolitan 25 6 (October, 1898) 599-614.

Complete intact monthly magazine for the month of October 1898.

Cost: $10.00 (+ postage)

0038-Zinn, Diane. Our Memorial to Diane Zinn.

compiled and reprinted by her friends from

The Spoon Collectors of Southern California.

Cost:  $25.00 (+ postage)

            Includes article published in Silver magazine:

[1] Souvenir Flatware: Matches in Forks and Spoons.

[2] Souvenir Spoon: Commodore Olive Perry.

[3] Sydney, Australia.

[4] Christmas Spoons.

[5] Souvenir Spoon Dixie.

[6] Keepsakes from the P.P.I.E.

[7] Not Just for Strawberries Anymore.

[8] Toast Spoons.

[9] Paye & Baker Silversmiths. Souvenir Spoons.

[10] Paye & Baker Silversmith. Flatware Patterns.

[11] The Nuremburg Spoons by Gorham. 

[12] Souvenir Spoon. James Lick.

[13] Sterling Silver Beauties by Small Silver Producers.

[14] Silver Souvenirs of San Francisco's Cliff Houses.

[15] Souvenir Flatware: A New year's Day Tradition.

[16] Citrus Spoons.

[17] Souvenir Spoon. Pima Indian Woman Arizona.

[18] Souvenir Spoon. Glacier National Park.

[19] Souvenir Spoons. Cripple Creek Colorado.

[20] Souvenir Spoons. Santa Catalina Island. 

[21] Souvenir Flatware. Lookout Mountain Battlefield.

[22] Souvenir Flatware. Llamas.

[23] Deck the Halls.

[24] A Legendary Memorial Park (Forest Lawn Memorial Park).

[25] Sterling Silver Beauties by the Watson, Newell Company.

[26] Sterling Silver Beauties by Unger Brothers.

[27] Ramon's Marriage Place.

[28] Souvenir Spoons. Postage Stamp Spoons.

[29] The Brandy Burner's Predecessor. 

[30] For Sugar, Spice, Etc., Etc., Etc.

[31] Salt Spoons. [32] Birthday Spoon.

[33] Reminders of a Disaster.

[34] Souvenir Flatware: A Museum within an Inn.

[35] Souvenir Flatware: A Place Setting for Miles Morgan.

[36] Souvenir Flatware: Silver Skylines

[37] Souvenir Flatware: A Nation Founded on a Rock.

[38] Souvenir Flatware: A Home on the Potomac. 

[39] Souvenir Flatware: Collecting on a Large Scale.

[40] Unger Brothers Flatware Patterns. 

[41] Souvenir Flatware. A Timeless Health Spa.

[42] Souvenir Flatware: The American Alligator.

[43] Souvenir Flatware: Celebrating Christmas.