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Below is a list of souvenir spoon books that are currently available for purchase from American Spoon Collectors. If you do not have a copy of these books, please consider purchasing one or more of these important souvenir spoon books. In most cases, ONLY one or two copies of each book are available — and in some cases the books are available through “Print-on-Demand” (which, of course, makes the print-on-demand more expensive).

To order books, please send request to check availability to American Spoon Collectors; include name of book and author.  You may contact us by telephone, e-mail or snail-mail:

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Snail Mail: American Spoon Collectors, P.O. Box 243, Rhinecliff, NY 12574-0243

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0039-Boyd, Bill. Some Pictures of Pine Tree Souvenir Spoons, Cactus Souvenir Spoons & Forks, Palm Tree Spoons, Arbor Lodge (J.S. Morton) Souvenir Spoon and Adam & Eve Souvenir Spoons. (12 pages). Cost: $3.00

0040-Spooning the Millennium. Historic Souvenir Spoons Articles and Washington D.C. Souvenir Spoons. [18 pages] Cost: $3.00

0041-Charles E. Barker. Manufacturer, Importer and Jobber of Souvenir Spoons. Silverware and Jewelry. [18 pages]. Cost: $3.00

0042-Reed & Barton. Silversmiths. Union Square. New York. Factory: Taunton, Mass. [10 pages]. Cost: $2.00

0043. L'Etoile du Nord. Minnehaha Falls. [44 pages]. Spiral bound. Cost: $5.00

0044- Hardt, Anton. Adventuring Further in Souvenir Spoons with A First Glimpse of The Tiffany Souvenir Spoons. (New York, Privately Printed, 1965). This is a photocopy of the original book (107 pages). Cost: $10.00

0045. Delieb, Eric. Investing in Silver (New York: Clarkson N. Putter, Inc. 1967). [158 pages]. Hard cover with dust jacket. Cost: $20.00