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0001. Greek Plaque. Three Warriors Fighting

Text: πολεμισταί, warriors, e.g., Il. 5.602: 

Size: 6" x 6"

Seal on reverse = ??? Ceramics.

Cost: $10.00

0002. Black Lekythos. Warrior holding sword

Black background with white lining drawing of a Greek Warrior on front side, wearing helmet and holding a sword aver his head.

Reverse side = white decorative design

Height: 8 ½ inches


Cost: 20.00

0003. Porcelain Amphora depicting Hoplite

On the front side of this amphora vase is depicted a hoplite  wearing a magnificent helmet — either taking off (or putting on) his armour.

O the amphora reverse side is a decorative design.

Maker Mark: stamped with maker mark (unreadable)

Height: 3 ½ inches

Cost: $20.00

0004. Porcelain lekythos. Woman playing Harp

On this white lekythos is depicted a seated woman playing a lyre.

Height: 5 1/4inches

Cost: $15.00

0005. Greek Ceramic Kylix with two handles with Geometric Mourning Scene within

The deceased is on a bier and the mourners stand around him. Such scenes are common on kraters and loutrophoroi found circa 900-700 BC

Diameter of Kylix: 4 ½ inches

Height: 2 ¼ inches

Marked: "Hand Painted and H(and) made in Greece. Lucas"

Cost: $20.00

0006-Woman Juggling.

Woman seated in a Klimos (Greek chair) juggling three (3) red balls of wool. The kalathos (wool basket) hangs upside down

Stamped on reverse: Hand made in Greece

Diameter: 7 ½ inches

Condition: excellent condition; on reverse = a "white area" which appears to be an unpainted part of the reverse. This is not damage – rather a space not painted in the making.

Cost: $10.00