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0007. Warrior in Chariot drawn by Two Horses

Stunning detailed image of a charioteer holding a long spear urging on his two horse.

Marked on back with Greek wordsπλίτης π ρματος, hoplite on a chariot, e.g., ατς δ Πομπήιος π ρματος ν, Appian, Mithr. Wars 17; cf. ατς βασιλες φ ρματος παρελαύνων, Xen., Cyrop. 3.3.

Cos  $:18.00

0008- Porcelain Greek Plate with Male & Female seated figure + Winged Eros

Domestic scene involving two women and a winged Eros figure approaching them with a fillet for her hair

Such scenes are common in the Late Classical Period and they tend to be very whimsical.

Mark: Kerameikos. Hand Made

Diameter: 11 ¼ inches

Cost: $49.00

0009. Porcelain Plate Acropolis Viewed from Temple of Zeus. Parthenon on Acropolis

Porcelain Plate – multi=-colored

Diameter: 10 ¼ inches

Cost: $20.00

0010. Greek Plate Hand-Made Painted by Vassilopoulos. Scene is based on a White ground Lekythos by the Bosanquet painted

Funerary Scene with two mourners approaching a stele and leaving offerings. This scene is based on a White-ground Lekythos by the Bosanquet painter.

Inscribed on Reverse: 3k/B. Detail of a White Ground Lekythos. Painted 450 B.C. Athens. National Museum Hand-Made & Painted In Greece By Vassilopoulos. 

Diameter: 11 inches. Excellent Condition; no chips or cracks. Colors = vibrant and clear.

Cost: $49.00

Additional Details: This is an exquisite example of Attic white-ground vase-painting of the mature Classical period. The white surface of the lekythos has a visit to a grave, a common scene for these funerary vases. In the middle, a large funerary stele crowned by a pediment with a palmette, stands on a stepped base with funerary gifts such as wreaths and vases. To the right, a woman carries a basket of wreaths. To the left, stands a young man clad in a himation and holding a spear, possibly the woman's deceased companion. The scene's profound melancholy is accentuated by the nobility of the figures and simplicity of the composition. This is a remarkable work by the Bosanquet painter, named for the archaeologist who first studied him.

  1. D.Vassilopoulos = made ceramic plates and painted them in the 1960s. His reproductions of museum ceramic pieces are very collectible today. This plate has two holes in the rim on the reverse so that it can be hung on a wall.

0011. Warrior Preparing for Battle.

Warrior holding shield and spear; young man helping warrior put on his equipment: helmet, grieves and breast vest. Scene beautifully rendered.

Maker marks on reverse

Diameter: 13 inches

Cost: $49.00

0012. Penthesilia Painter. Goddess Nike Downing a Athlete

Hand-Made Painted in Greece by Vassilopoulos.

Reproduction of a scene on a vase in the New York Metropolitan Museum

Condition: note the numerous white areas – missing paint – still a nice plate

Diameter: 7 inches.

Condition:  note white spots; minor chip on reverse rim (see picture)

Cost: $10.00