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Apkarian-Russell, Pamela E. A Collector's Guide to Salem Witchcraft and Souvenirs. (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.: West Chester, PA., 1998). ISBN: 0-76430-425-9. Very interesting information with 15 good color plates showing the Salem Witch Souvenir Spoons.

Bednersh, Wayne. Collectible Souvenir Spoons. Identifications and Values. (Collector Books: Paducah, KY., 1998). ISBN: 1-57432-063-7. This book is available on Out of date.

Bednersh, Wayne. Collectible Souvenir Spoons. The Grand Tour. Book II. (Collector Books: Paducah, KY., 2001). ISBN: 1-57432-189-7. This book is available on Out of date.

Caron, Jonathan F. American Souvenir Teaspoon Handbook. (Odyssey Press Inc.: Dover NH., 1992). ISBN: 0-9628713-0-3

   The genesis of this book was a very simple idea: to create a single comprehensive source of practical information for spoon collectors.  Spoon collectors, especially neophytes, need help identifying spoons, recognizing manufacturers' makers, estimating prices, organizing their collections, and doing business with other collectors and dealers. This book is aimed at providing spoon collectors with a practical resource to aid them in pursing their hobby. The book is out of print and will be available only from other collectors and from booksellers.

Carpenter, Jr., Charles H. Gorham Silver. 1881-1981. (Dodd, Mead & Company: New York, 1982). ISBN: 0-396-08068-5. (Revised edition, 1997 published by Alan Wofsy Fine Arts). This book covers all of Gorham's silverwork. Includes chapters on coin silver, souvenir spoons, sterling flatware and Gorham marks.

Carpenter, Jr., Charles H. with Mary G. Carpenter. Tiffany Silver. (Dodd, Mead & Company: New York, 1984). ISBN: 0-396-08338-2).  A comprehensive study of Tiffany silverware. Includes chapters on souvenir spoons, tableware with spoons and hallmarks.


Dolan, Maryanne. 1830's – 1990's American Sterling Silver Flatware: A Collector's Identification & Value Guide. (Books Americana: Florence, AL., 1993). ISBN: 0-89689-095-3. This book is fully illustrated and includes Early Silversmiths and Current Major Silver Flatware Companies. This book is available on

Hagan, Tere. Sterling Flatware Identification and Value Guide. (L-W Book Sales: 1991). ISBN: 0-8953-813-6.

   For the Souvenir Spoon Collector this book will be very useful for identifying souvenir spoons  with pattern handles. This aspect of souvenir spoon collecting (souvenir spoons with pattern handles) has been vastly underestimated as a category of souvenir spoon collecting.

    In this book (312 pages) are illustrated over 2,000 different flatware patterns by many of the best-known American silver manufacturers: Gorham, Tiffany, Reed & Barton, Towle, Kirk-Stieff, Shiebler, Durgin, Dominick & Haff, Wallace Silversmiths, Watson Silversmiths, Whiting Mfg Co., Alvin, Georg Jensen, Oneida and International. Many less well known companies are also well represented: Tuttle, Coles, Duhme, Royal Crest, Schofield, Unger Bros., Old Newbury Crafters, Amston, Mauser Mfg. Co., National Silver Company, Paye & Baker, Porter Blanchard, Manchester Silver Co., State House, Wood & Hughes, Polhamus and many more.

This is the Revised 2nd Edition, published in 1999 by Tere Hagan. These are NEW copies. For the reader's convenience there is a manufacturers index, a pattern-name index and manufacturers' marks index. There is also a copy of a 1908 Towle Old Colonial catalog in the back of this book identifying over 100 pieces of flatware, which can be a great help for identifying unusual pieces of silverware.

Illustrations of Souvenirs In Sterling Silver Spoons, Forks and Novelties Accompanied by Numbers, Descriptions and List Prices. (Watson & Newell Co.: Attleboro, Mass. n.d).

    The introduction states: "On the pages following we have illustrated sterling silver souvenir spoons representing subjects of interest throughout the United State and Mexico, also apostle, birthday, city, state, floral, fruit, college and ledge spoons. Using our handle patterns in connection with our collection of bowl-die, etching, painting and engraving subjects, every dealer may originate unique and attractive souvenirs for his locality. The possibilities with our line, grown to its extensive proportions, are unlimited. Not only are our spoons by reason of deep, fine die cutting creditable reproductions of the subjects employed but are well made, good weight and serviceable."

James, George B. Souvenir Spoons. Containing Descriptions and Illustration of the Principal Designs Produced in the United States. (A.W. Fuller & Co.: Boston, Mass., 1891). Reprinted in 1956.

    The introduction states: "In the following pages care has been taken to give a description of the spoon, represented by a short account of the legend which supports the design, as well as a short biography of the individual, and a summary of the history of the town or locality. As far as it has been possible, the price of the different pieces has been given. This it not by any means a complete list of the spoons of the country, but comprises some of the principal ones. It is hoped that this edition may meet with such success that the compiler may be emboldened to print another which will give a more complete list of the new spoons.

McGlothlin, Chris A. World's Fair Spoons. Volume 1: The World's Columbian Exposition. (Florida Rare Coin Galleries, Inc.: Tallahassee, FL., 1985). ISBN: 0-9614824-0-0.

    The World's Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1891, was staged to commemorate the discovery of America four hundred (plus one) years earlier. It was one of the grandest of all World's Fairs, and it came at an opportune time for silver manufacturers, Souvenir spoon collecting in the United States was, at that time, a fledgling hobby which was attracting interest nationwide. The 1893 Fair with it s millions of visitors provided a ready market for spoon makers. In all likelihood, more commemorative spoons were produced for the World's Columbian Exposition than for any other event in history.

    With this volume, McGlothlin presents that incredible array of Columbian spoons. These spoon are exhibited in actual-size photographs with detailed descriptions and a wealth of additional information. Historical data on Chicago and the fair, tips for collectors, and a pricing guide are also included.

Pach, Jacqueline S. and Robert M. Wilhelm. An Alphabet Book for Spoon Collectors and Children. "Baby Spoon's New Handle" and A Compendium of Souvenir Spoons. (Campanian Society, Inc.: Oxford, OH, 1999). ISBN: 0-9662763-0-2.


    Every souvenir spoon has a story worth telling and one which is worth knowing. In this superbly illustrated book An Alphabet Book for Spoon Collectors and Children, the authors have assembled a splendid collection of souvenir spoons to illustrate each letter of the alphabet.  Each souvenir spoon has a story behind it and one that it willing tells to all who will listen.

    This book has two integrated parts: For the avid spoon collector there is A Compendium of Souvenir Spoons in which each of the 137 spoons are identified and referenced: detailed descriptions, patent information, makers' marks, trademarks, type of spoon and references to major spoon resources, books and articles. For each example, there is a Spoon History in which essential information is given about the spoon itself and about the details represented on the spoon handle and in the bowl (e.g. cities, buildings, persons, occasion for issue, artistic commentary, etc.). The Compendium of Souvenir Spoons (168 pages with detailed photographs) will provide much useful information both for the novice and the advanced collector of spoons.

    These 137 souvenir spoons are illustrated in Baby Spoon's New Handle, an alphabet primer that takes the reader along with Baby Spoon as he searches for a new handle. In the past children ate with curved baby spoons and in time graduated to a straight-handled spoon: a momentous event, part of growing up and leaving behind childish things. In the beautifully illustrated story, Baby Spoon searches for a new handle, but there are so many from which to choose; each handle has its own unique history and character. Which handle will it be?:  the handle with the alligator? the buffalo? the crab? the elephant? the fish? the horse? the king? the lighthouse? the ostrich? the penguin? the rabbit? the stork? the turtle? the umbrella? The windmill? And, who will make the decision:  Mother Chantilly? Father Wallace? or Baby Spoon? Which handle will be just the right one for Baby Spoon?

    Richly illustrated with 170 high quality photographs of unique and interesting souvenir spoons, this book is both for Spooners and children. With this book children will learn their ABCs by following Baby Spoon's search for a new handle: the 26 letters of the alphabet are illustrated with spoon handles on which are depicted easily recognizable images representing each letter. Accompanying written letters reinforce the learning process. Souvenir spoon collectors will want this book in their reference library for its valuable resources, extensive discussion of each souvenir spoons and detailed index. This book will bring many hours of delight to all collectors of souvenir spoons and to children.


For a review of this book, see: Silver Magazine. To order this book, contact: Campanian Society, Inc. at: campania@hvc,

Pack, Robert. Collectors Guide to Canadian Souvenir Spoons. (Argentum Cochlear Publishing: Vancouver, B.C. Canada, 1988).

    This guide is divided into five sections. Section One consists of a table of Copyright registrations (dates, copyright numbers, the Proprietors names, plus a brief description of each). Section Two lists the Proprietors in numerical order, with information on each copyright. Section Three consists of an alphabetically arranged section with all the known Manufacturers of Canadian Souvenirs. Section Four has photographs of Trade Marks, of Known Souvenir Spoon Manufacturers. Section Five consists of general information on Heraldry, a Glossary and a Price Guide.

Paye & Baker Manufacturing Co. Silversmiths. Catalog No. 50. (North Attleboro, Mass.: 1908). This is a reprint of the original May, 1908 Catalog 50. (Diane Zinn).

    The introduction states: "This, our fiftieth catalog, is proof of our growth and progress, and our constantly increasing patronage bears witness to the general salability of our goods and the straightforwardness of our methods. Ours is an honest line of sterling silverware, and implicit confidence may be placed in the accuracy of illustrations and descriptions. . . . This catalog is representative, but it is by no means complete, and new pieces are being added every day in the year."

Rainwater, Dorothy T. Encyclopedia of America Silver Manufacturers. Fifth Edition. (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.: West Chester, PA., 1986). ISBN: 0-7643-1887-X. This book is an essential resource for every souvenir spoon collector. Absolutely invaluable! There have been five (5) editions of this book.

Rainwater, Dorothy T. and Donna H. Felger. American Spoons: Souvenir and Historical. (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.: West Chester, PA., 1990). ISBN: 0-88740-266-6.

   The spoons whose stories are told in this volume range from a diamond encrusted one-of-a-kind spoons given by a group of diamond cutters to the silver plated promotional items used to sell newspapers and breakfast cereals. Perhaps the first spoons used by man were simply shells picked up on the beaches, or chips of wood called spon from which our word spoon is derived. American spoons as commemorative items (according to Rainwater and Felger) began with the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Spoon patented by Myron H. Kinsley in 1881. Within a few years of the popularity of commemorative spoons quickly spread as ideal mementoes for practically every conceivable event, personage, or natural wonder.

    George and Martha Washington were the first people of note to appear on American spoons when their designs were trademarked by the Galt Company in 1890, but the spoons generally credited with launching the souvenir spoon craze were the Salem Witch spoons whose trademark was registered January 13, 1891 by the Daniel Low Company and used on countless small sterling silver articles.

    These trademarked designs were followed by others but the greatest number of designs were patented. It is these patented designs which form the basis for this volume. They commemorate famous people, tell of the winning of the West, the days of the Forty Niners, world fairs, sports, holidays, commercial ventures and much more. The text is visually enhanced by more than 800 illustrations; eight full-color plates and about sixty pages reproduced from old trade catalogs.

    American Spoons can be read as a book of history as well as an account of the many types of spoons made to suit the varied needs and whims of mankind. A unique feature of this volume is the section of biographical notes – brief sketches of silver designers and the companies for whom they worked.

    This book is indispensable for any souvenir spoon collector. This book is available from numerous booksellers and on

Rainwater, Dorothy T. and Donna H. Felger. A Collector's Guide to Spoons Around the World. (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.: West Chester, PA., 1992). ISBN: 0-88740-425-1.

    This book is the latest work by Dorothy T. Rainwater and Donna H. Felger. Thousands of practical and specialized spoons from all parts of the world are described here. Besides hundreds of clear photographs with captions and extensive text, old manufacturers' catalog pages are included, documenting the makers, dates, names and styles of special spoons so that identification is possible. The 16-page color section presents spoons with colored enamel decoration, gold bowls, and intricate detail, which make a lively display. The extensive bibliography and index will aid serious researchers, and spoon collectors, dealers, and appraisers will find this an essential reference to replace all others. Over 1,000 souvenir spoons illustrated.  A price guide is included. If you are interested in learning more about Souvenir Spoons, this is a great book to have in your library. This book is extremely useful for any souvenir spoon collector who collects souvenir spoons from around the world. Also includes a section on Canadian and American souvenir spoons.

    This book is invaluable for any souvenir spoon collector. This book is available from numerous booksellers and on

Soeffing, D. Albert. Silver Medallion Flatware. (New Books, Inc.: New York, 1988). ISBN 0-929424-00-X.

    American had a love affair with medallion-patterned silver flatware twice in the nineteenth century; first in the 1860s to about 1875 and again in the 1880s until about 1910. Over fifty photographs lavishly reproduced in duotone process illustrate thirty-one different medallion patterns by twenty-one American silversmiths as well as a few pieces by unknown "naïve: artisans. Starting with the first medallion pattern to be granted a patent, Soeffing outlines this history of medallion patterns in his introduction. He goes on to describe manufacturing processes and techniques, medallion design and medallion identification. Whether you are a serious silver or flatware collector, whether you have a keen interest in silver, or whether you just love beautiful decorative art, this is a book you will want and will want to keep looking at over and over again.

Turner, Noel D. American Silver Flatware 1837-1910. (A.S. Barnes and Co., Inc.: London, 1972). SBN: 498-06580-4.

    A comprehensive and extremely useful book. The 1972 edition will be found only at a used bookstore or in the library of a collector. The book was republished by Alan Wofsy Fine Arts in 1997 (ISBN: 1556602847) and will generally be found in a museum bookstore; it is available at The book provides some pictures and has a wealth of historical information for flatware from 1837-1910. This book is extremely useful for identifying pattern handles produced prior to 1910.

Wood. Sterling Silver, Silverplate and Souvenir Spoons With Prices. (L-W Book Sales. 1987). Second Edition. ISBN: 0891453679. 

    Includes information on: Ash trays, baby rattles, butter dishes, combs, cups, paperweights, sugar bowls, souvenir spoons. Often available from booksellers.