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Souvenir Spoon Auction Rules and Conditions


How to Bid: You have four options for bidding on souvenir spoons in this auction: regular mail, E-mail, fax and phone (see above for numbers). Since this auction is a not a live auction, bids by other bidders will not be revealed under any circumstances. This will insure that everyone who participates has the same chance in obtaining an item or items. E-mail & fax bids will be acknowledged by returned e-mail or fax. All bids must include name, address, telephone, fax or E-mail information. If you have any questions, please feel free to call at any time.


Auction Spoons: All spoons pictured are sterling and in excellent condition (unless otherwise noted in description).


Minimum Bids: The starting bid (MB) is indicated for each spoon lot; only bids at the starting amount (MB) will be accepted. All bids must be in dollars (no cents).


Incremental Bids: The winning bid will be reduced to one Increment (see below) above the next highest bid precluding that the margin of the winning bid is sufficient to allow this reduction): e.g. if your bid is $325.00 on a particular spoon lot and the next highest bid is $225.00, you will receive the spoon lot for $235.00.

Incremental Bid advances will be:

$1 to $19 ($1 increment)

$20 to $49 ($2 increment)

$50 to $99 ($5 increment)

$100 to $249 ($10 increment)

$250 to $499 ($25 increment)

$500 to $999 ($50 increment)

$1000 and up ($100 increment)


Range Bidding: Those who prefer to give us a bidding range instead of a single bid, may do so. We will automatically raise your bid the specified Incremental Bid Amount over the last bid (i.e. the bidder under you) to keep you in the running up to the highest bidding range you have indicated.


Tie Breaker Option: Tie bids will be decided in favor of the earliest received bid, unless one of the bidders uses the Tie Breaker option (see bidding sheet for details). If both bidders sign up for the Tie Breaker Option, the earliest bid received will be the winner of the lot or lots.


Notification of Winners: Winning bidders will be notified by regular mail, E-mail or fax regarding the total amount due (this will include the shipping charges and insurance). Payment must be made within 10 days of receipt of invoice (except for bidders abroad or from Canada). Payment options: personal check, money order and PayPal (cash only from PayPal – no credit card payments are accepted). If full payment is not received within the specified time, spoon lots will be offered to the next highest bidder; defaulting bidders will be excluded from future auctions. Spoons will be sent following receipt of payment. Successful bidders will receive a Prices Realized Result Sheet; if you wish to have a Result Sheet (whether or not you are a successful bidder), please send a SSAE with your bids or separately.


Attention: We will not accept bids after the 11 pm deadline (EDST) on the closing night of the auction. To insure timely recording of the bids before the closing date, we urge all bidders who mail their bids close to the deadline to follow up with a phone call, fax or e-mail. Please type of print your bids clearly; you are responsible for your errors in bidding.


All unsold lots will be available at the minimum bid following the auction (plus all shipping costs). We reserve the right to refuse any and all bids from individuals who have proved to be unreliable.


Abbreviations: HF = handle front; HB = handle back. MK = marks/maker; MB = minimum bid; BL = bowl; emb = embossed; enm = enamel; w/ = with; gw. = gold wash; engr. = engraved.

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