Annual Subscription Information


American Spoon Collectors & Spooners Forum

The subscription year for American Spoon Collectors & Spooners Forum normally runs from September through the following August  and includes 12 issues of the newsletter. Individuals may, however, joint American Spoon Collectors and subscribe to Spooners Forum at any time throughout the year. Payment of the subscription dues includes membership in ASC, subscription to Spooner’s Forum as well as a subscription for the ASC Souvenir Spoon Auction Catalogs.

American Spoon Collectors

  1. publishes a monthly newsletter called Spooners Forum that includes feature articles and information about souvenir spoons, spoon collecting, souvenir spoon patents and research as well as timely editorials on souvenir spoon related subjects.

  1. publishes articles and letters submitted by members and supports an advertising section in Spooner’s Forum for members to list spoons wanted or for sale.

  1. publishes the ASC Souvenir Spoon Auction Catalog which contains hundreds of spoons for sale.

ASC Subscription Membership Rates (1 year)

                    $30.00 [US dollars] for subscribers in the United States.

                   $30.00 [US dollars] for subscribers in Canada.

                   $30.00 [US dollars] for subscribers in England, Australia, France, Italy & all other countries.

Half-year memberships [6 months] are available at the rate of $20.00

Individual issues of Spooners Forum are available for $3.00 per issue.

For Membership Subscription Form go to: ASC Membership Subscription Form