Souvenir SPoon Set Price Sale #2018

Begins: Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ends: Thursday, January 25, 2018


There are 120 souvenir spoons in this Set Price Sale #2018

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Payment for purchases: check or money order. Credit cards and PayPal are not accepted.  All purchases will be sent via Priority Mail with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation.

Souvenir Spoon Set Price Sale #2018

Lot 41 - 50

41-0712. Expo.  St. Louis. 1904 Government Building

Hdle obv. embossed view of Christmas bells + Cupid pulling the rope surrounded by holly leaves & berries.

BL: embossed view: "St. Louis Exposition.  United States Government Building."

Stamped: Extra Coin Silver Plate. 

Length: 4 ¼

Cost: $5.00

42-0714. Cleveland. The Hollander.

Hdle obv. embossed floral + scrolls handle.

Hdle rev. decorative finial.

BL: embossed view of "The Hollander. Cleveland."

MK: no maker mark.

Metal: Sterling

Length: 4 ¼ inches

Cost: $5.00

43-0716/0746. Michigan. Saginaw. Upper Crust.

Hdle obv. embossed view of waterwheel at a flour mill + Shock of grain + river flowing down the stem.

Hdle rev. embossed semi-nude boy in front of bags of flour (with "98 Best") + "Saginaw. Mich."

BL: embossed name" Upper Crust." Base metal spoon silverplated. (Spoon shows wear).

Length: 4 ¼ inches

Cost: $5.00

44-0717. Chicago.

Hdle obv. embossed decorative handle.

BL: embossed "Chicago."

MK: Oneida Community A1.

Length: 4 ¼ inches

Cost: $5.00

45-0719. Expo. St. Louis 1904 Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Agriculture Bldg

Hdle obv. embossed buffalo head at the finial + embossed view of Niagara Falls + "Pan-Am" on lower stem. 

Hdle rev. embossed plaque: "Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway. Fast Mail Line."

BL: embossed view of "Agriculture" Building.

MK: Oneida Community

Metal: Silverplate

Length: 4 ½ inches

Cost: $5.00

46-0720. Redman's Fact.

Hdle obv. embossed view of Indians in canoe going over Niagara Falls + nude female Indian at lower stem.

BL: embossed view of Buffalo.

Stamped: N.M.K. Quality.

Metal: Silverplate.

Length: 4 ½ inches

Cost: $10.00

47-0724. Masonic Spoon. Hdle obv. embossed Masonic symbols on stem: "in hoc signo vinces" + all-seeing eye + compass, square G.

BL: embossed view of "Marion Commandery No. 36 K.T." + "Marion Ohio 1902."

Stamped: U.S. Silver Co.

Metal: Silverplate. 

Length: 4 ¼ inches

Cost: $5.00

48-0728. Grant  Monument Liberty Bell

Hdle obv. embossed "Let Us Have Peace" framed by laurel leaves & berries + embossed eagle + flag.

Hdle rev. embossed Liberty Bell + "Liberty Bell."

BL: embossed view of "Grant Monument. Dedicated April 27-99."

MK: Sterling Plate

Length: 4 ¼ inches

Cost: $5.00

49-744. Political Silverplate Souvenir Spoon Battleship Maine.

Hdle obv. embossed view of Uncle Sam with man (???) + "March 9 1898" + stem wrapped with banner on which is embossed: "50,000,000 for Defence."

BL: embossed view of battleship Maine with eagle + cornucopia + "Feb 15th 1898 Maine."

MK: Souvenir Co. NY.

Metal Silverplate.

Length:  4 ½ inches.

Cost: $5.00

50-0747. Detroit. Pontchartrain Hotel Silverplate Souvenir Spoon.

Hdle obv. embossed name on handle: "Pontchartrain."

Hdle rev. embossed coat of arms + "Detroit."

BL: embossed view of Pontchartrain Hotel – (The old Pontchartrain Hotel was built in 1907 and torn down in 1919) Note: bowl has some wear.

MK: no maker mark.

Metal: silverplate.

Length: 4 ½ inches.

Cost: $5.00