Souvenir SPoon Set Price Sale #2018

Begins: Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ends: Thursday, January 25, 2018


There are 120 souvenir spoons in this Set Price Sale #2018

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Souvenir Spoon Set Price Sale #555

Lot 91 - 100

91-0191. Capture of Manila. Dewey

Hdle obv. embossed portrait og "Dewey" framed by laurel leaves & berries.

BL: embossed view of "Capture of Manila."

MK: U.S. Sterling Co. A1.

Metal: Silverplate.

Length: 4 ½"

Cost: $5.00

92-0199. Jack & Bean Stalk [??] Story. Prima Sølvplet.

Hdle obv. embossed view of Jack climbing the bean stalk + "Danmark" + closed umbrella on the stem.

Hdle rev. plain.

BL: plain.

MK: Prima Sølvplet.

Length: 4 inches

Cost: $10.00

93-0246. Enamel spoon e.p.n.s. London. England.

Hdle obv. cut out and enameled coat of arms of the city of "London" on enameled plinth (gold letters on blue background) + decorative stem.

BL: plain.

MK: no maker mark.

tamped: E.P.N.S.

Length: 4 ¾"

Cost: $15.00

94-0250. Enamel spoon e.p.n.s. London. England.

Hdle obv. cut out crest of the city of London; enamel red cross on white background + "Domine Dirige Nos" + "London" + decorative stem.

BL: plain.

MK: no maker marks.

Metal: Silverplate. Entire spoon = lightly gold plated.

Length: 5 inches

Cost: $15.00

95-0255.  Enameled Coat of Arms of Killarney.

Hdle obv. enameled crest / coat of arms of "Killarney" + decorative stem.

BL: plain.

Stamped: E.P.N.S.  + Made in England.

Length: 4 ½ inches

Cost: $10.00

96-0338. Netherlands. Delta-Werken.

Hdle obv. hdle = a shovel handle embossed with "Delta-Werken."

BL: embossed view of  bucket lifting up dirt + boats in background.

MK: maker marks.

Metal: silverplate

Length: 4 ½ inches

Cost: $10.00

More about this spoon: The Delta Works is a series of construction projects in the southwest of the Netherlands to protect a large area of land around the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta from the sea.

97-0344. Athena Greek Spoon

Hdle obv. embossed profile view of Athena (facing left) (resembling a Greek coin) + decorative stamp.

BL: plain.

Stamped: "Athens."

Metal: silverplate.

Length: 4 inches

Cost: $5.00

98-0358.  Master Salt Spoon.

Hdle obv. Roses Pattern hdle  with decorative stem.

BL: plain with scallop tip edge. S

Stamped: Nil Johan E.P.N.S.  Alp. + Sweden.

Length: 4 inches

Cost: $5.00

99-0369. Remember the Maine From a Soldier. Boy at the Front. Rare Spoon

Hdle obv. embossed decorative finial + embossed eagle with up-turned wings

Hdle rev. engraved: "From a Soldier. Boy at the Front."

BL: embossed view of ship below  banner with "Remember the Maine."

MK: No maker mark.

Metal: Base metal silverplated 9WORN)

Length: 4"

Cost: $15.00

100-0373. Rogers' Flower Pattern with Crab symbol

Hdle obv. embossed flower design  + leaves on stem.

Hdle rev. embossed view of crab.

BL: plain.

MK: 1847 Rogers Bros. A1. 

Metal: Silverplate.

Length: 4 ¼ inches

Cost: $5.00